Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hind culling with my 6 month old bavarian hound ( sadly died soon after ) but what a good little worker he was turning out to be!
Sika and hybrid stags feeding 200 metres from me

Red stag stalking in Northern Ireland, what a thrilling hunt it was too
Mark with his first deer and a hybrid too!!! Congratulations mark on a nice shot

Monday, 27 January 2014

My 6 month old Bavarian pup and his first outing when I culled this sika deer
. A great moment for me.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Welcome to my page where I encourage and welcome other other hunters from around Ireland and elsewhere to stalk with me for the elusive Sika deer. These mysterious animals were introduced here in the 18th century by Lord Powerscourt who held them in captivity in his grounds in Co. Wicklow. However they managed to escape over the park fences and escaped into the wild where they quickly bred and established themselves eventually throughout Wicklow. Very much a nocturnal animal they can be seen feeding at the edge of woodland or in open fields at dawn and dusk. The grounds over which I hunt consists of woodland, mountains and agricultural ground. The best times to hunt these animals is around the rut or breeding time which is generally the month of October or late September. During the rut the stags emit a high pitched scream to alert other stags and hinds of their territory and it is indeed an exciting time to hear and hunt the stags. Warm and waterproof clothing is recommended as are goretex hiking boots. I would recommend Harkilla or Deerhunter clothing and Le Chameau or Harkilla footwear. Gloves and a face veil are vital as these deer have a very keen sense of eyesight. I am always willing to take other enthusiastic hunters for a stalk so feel free to contact me and maybe we can exchange a hunt.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Activites to do while staying in ireland

There's lots of things and places to do and visit during your hunt here in Ireland. We can organise sightseeing trips around Wicklow to places like Glendalough where there are many historical site such as St. Kevins tower and the three lakes in the national park. From there one can drive the famous and very scenic "Sally gap" which will lead us into Co. Dublin where a visit to the Jameson distillery where our well known whiskey is made and of course sampled!! 
There are many Wicklow walk routes for the budding hiker catering for the amateur and experiences walker. Then there is Glenmalure valley where during the English rule of Ireland Irish rebels took shelter during their many battels with the "  red coats" of England. The local lodge serves fine food and wines and also offers bed&breakfast. 
The Japensese gardens in Co. Kildare offer a wonderful walk around their huge garden and water displays.
In Co. Carlow we have the "Duckets Grove" castle and walk ways for tourists which is a must for everyone coming here to hunt or travel. Near our hunting grounds are the very famous "Meetings of the waters" where three well known rivers converge into one which is spectacular to watch and right beside it is a lovely quaint gift shop and dining area and pub. Then we have the weaver shops in nearby Avoca where one can see and purchase our well known Aran jumpers. Each sweater has a unique pattern which each fishing related family from years ago knitted to identify their loved ones should they down at sea. 
These are only some of the many sites and places to visit on your stay here.

Other Services

IrishSafaris can also arrange the mounting and taxidermy of heads for guests by a highly commendable artist. Boiling out and preperation of skulls for mounts is also a speciality.Choice of natural wood plaques on request. High seats are also made to order varying fom the single lean to and double seat right up to free standing models. All are manufactured from hardened steel and dipped to ensure a high quality. See photos on this post. Vermin and fox control is another service we provide to landowners and estates. Call now for further details.

Sika Hunting

Sika Hunting